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Are you prepared have a fantastic time traveling with your furry friend?

Here, we will enlist all the essentials you need to take care of your pet during your travel so you both can enjoy it to the fullest to fully prepare for traveling with your furry friend.

I know you love pets and traveling, and hate to leave your pets behind, the good news is that a lot of hotels are becoming pet friendly. So, if you have decided to travel with your pet, make sure you are well prepared.  Here is a list of essential items you may need:

A pet carrier

A sturdy pet carrier that provides a secure and comfortable space for your pet. There are various sizes and styles available based on what kind of pet you have, species, size, etc. If you are flying, make sure you check the specifications of the carrier size with the airline.

Pet food and treats

If your pet likes a specific food then make sure you pack enough food for the duration of your trip, also, consider carrying a little bit extra for any unexpected delays. His/her favorite treats can help your pet be happy, calm, and satisfied during the trip.

Identification tag/collar

Your pet should have an identification tag with your contact information in case they get lost. A collar with a secure last is also essential for camping and other outdoor activities. There are digital tags available these days that can help you track the pet with your phone.

Food and water bowls

While you would be travelling it would be difficult to find a proper feeding spot for the pet. You should choose some feeding bowels that are travel friendly, for example, collapsible ones to save some space. Also, look for spill-proof options for food and water.

Waste bags/supplies

I am sure you would not like to leave any waste behind you on the walking trails. You must have plenty of waste bags, litter supplies, disposable gloves, and other essentials for cleaning up after your pet during walks or rest stops. If you have a cat, keep a portable little box, litter, and a scoop.

Grooming essentials

Depending on your pet’s needs, pack grooming supplies like brushes, nail clippers, shampoo, and towels for cleanup.

Comforting items

If possible, pack familiar items such as a favorite blanket, toy, or bedding to provide comfort and reduce anxiety during the journey.

Medications/first aid kit

If your pet is taking medicine for any health condition, do not forget to pack up the medications and other medical supplies. You can also carry a first aid kit for the pets (you may include supplies such as bandages, antiseptic solutions, tweezers, and a pair of scissors), especially if you are intending to do some outdoor activities.

Travel documents

If you are flying with a pet, you must make a reservation to carry on a pet with the airline. It is suggested that you jot down a summary of the rules/regulations of the airline you are flying with. If necessary, call the airline regarding restrictions and fee requirements if you are planning to travel with your pet in the cabin. Most airlines have a restriction on the number of pets that can be carried in a cabin at a time.  Usually, a pet is considered as one piece of carry-on baggage. Always carry copies of your pet’s vaccination records, health certificate, and any necessary documents required for travel.

Each pet is unique, so consider their individual needs while packing. Some pets might feel anxiety and fear when surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds. It is important to approach them with patience and serenity because they would need time to acclimate.

Enjoy your journey and have fun every day!

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